Phase IV Clinical Trials

Clinical trials on efficacy and safety of medicinal product are an integral part of developing innovative treatments.

Aston Health is an intermediate link between pharmaceutical companies and drug development centers, providing various services related to conduct of clinical trials in Russia and CIS countries.

The research potential of our staff makes possible supporting a wide range of clinical research in various fields.

The key elements of our support services include:

  • Developing clinical trial master file (CTMF) in line with international and local requirements  
  • Selection of clinical research centers
  • Project management (trial design, timeline, monitoring visits plan, assessment of funding needs, ets.)
  • Logistics support using proprietary technology platform Quinta Lab®
  • Monitoring trial process for compliance with ICH GCP and local regulations. Aston Health has over 20 years of experience in remote monitoring /on-site monitoring.
  • Own data management capabilities based on proprietary technology platform Quinta Clinical® (24/7 access to clinical data entered in the system)

Our experts in biostatics provide valuable input at different stages of research (from trial design to reporting).

Natalja Mueva

Natalja Mueva

Head of Medical Programs Department