Logistics Center (to handle delivery of biomaterials)

In the projects related to laboratory testing, including under patient support programs, one of the key factors is timely delivery of biomaterials. Our Logistics Center and own courier service delivers:

  • medical products (at a temperature of +2 +8°C)
  • biomaterials (at a temperature of 0 to -20 °C)
  • supporting docs

The storage and processing of patient testing data is done using proprietary QuintaLab® CRM.

We take into account the needs and expectations of all involved participants:

  • Patients (convenient access to medical labs without the need for a physical presence)
  • HCPs (quick delivery of patient samples to a lab and obtaining test results)
  • Medical laboratories (efficient algorithm of sample delivery and test results uploading)
Natalja Mueva

Natalja Mueva

Head of Medical Programs Department

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