Fieldwork Department

1000+ field managers with profound expertise in collection of source data under healthcare marketing projects.

Fieldwork Department is an integral part of Aston Health’s team be that a development of project tools or interpretation of study results.

The established relationships with KOLs, decision makers and key market stakeholders make possible to:

  • promptly obtain reliable, in-depth information on various aspects of healthcare market
  • use expert opinions to improve the quality of the project tools
  • use of wide resources and opportunities
  • implement projects with large patient populations
  • reach various target audiences
  • engage 800+ interviewers in Russia and CIS
  • interact with partner organizations in 107 cities of Russia and CIS
  • ensure effective data quality control

Four levels of data quality control include:

  1. interviewer (based on the project toolset requirements)
  2. field manager (visual and logical data check)
  3. 3. data input and encoding manager
  4. 4. project manager
Olga Luneva

Olga Luneva

Head of Marketing Research Department

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