Aston Health has completed over 50 projects in Oncology.

Integrative knowledge and professional skills of Aston’s team are widely appreciated by healthcare market stakeholders.

Aston Health is in charge of developing and maintaining six clinical patient registries (online clinical databases) in Oncology.

Automatically generated reports that draw on clinical registry data are commonly used for pharmacoeconomic analysis.

Another technology offered by Aston Health in Oncology is a range of multilanguage online expert systems for healthcare practitioners.

For instance, our expert systems were used by the Russian Society of Oncomammologists for developing Clinical Guidelines for Systemic Treatment of Metastatic Breast Cancer and for Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Therapy of Breast Cancer.

Oncologists regardless of location have online access to clinical recommendations for the treatment of various types of breast cancer.

An expert system may automatically generate standards for chemo-, endocrine- and targeted therapy along with dosing regimens.

Aston Health collaborates with over 350 medical institutions and 15 diagnostic laboratories throughout Russia, including the following:

Natalja Mueva

Natalja Mueva

Head of Medical Programs Department

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