Innovative models of insurance care

The annual report consolidates the information on insurance care models in different countries. It contains an overview of the pharmaceutical markets in the US, Europe and other fast growing countries, including specifically the drug reimbursement segment.

The report may be used for generating proposals to streamline the existing model of provider-payment system.

The report covers the following countries

This year, the report was supplemented with new information on Market Access specifics in the selected countries, and the processes for inclusion of new products in the restrictive drug lists.

It contains the following information blocks for each country:

  • Effective insurance model, budgets allocated toward health insurance and funding of drug reimbursement
  • Key stakeholders in the national healthcare system
  • Ways and opportunities for product inclusion in the list of reimbursable drugs
  • Current trends and barriers in the healthcare sector
  • Current context for new market entries
Aleksandr Ivanov

Aleksandr Ivanov

Head of Strategic Consulting Department


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