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Aston Health Kazakhstan: Integrated consulting and marketing solutions in healthcare sector.

We develop marketing strategies to help bring the brand to the market, monitor drug effectiveness and safety, analyze pharmaceutical markets, build brand loyalty of HCPs, improve diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and QoL of patients, and much more.

Our clients include pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, pharmacy chains, medical and patient communities, government agencies and professional associations operating in the healthcare market.

We participate in various industry conferences and provide valuable and relevant information to healthcare market players.

In February 2024, the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Forum was held in Almaty, where Natalia Mueva, Head of Medical Programs, Aston Health, moderated the session titled "Discussion: Increasing the Availability of Innovative Drugs as the Most important Factor in Sustainability of the Healthcare System".

On the second day of the forum, Alexander Ivanov, Head of Strategic Consulting, Aston Health made a presentation at the panel "Expert and Analytical Review of Pharmaceutical Markets: 2023 Outcomes, Trends and Forecasts" and provided data on the budget financing of healthcare in EAEU countries, as well as trends, key factors and changes in the funding arrangements. Contact Irina Elenkina to discuss customized solutions for your business:, +7 (727) 356-06-16. You can subscribe to our newsletter by clicking here

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Anastasija Zhigalkina

Anastasija Zhigalkina

Lead Marketing Communications Manager