Marketing Research by Aston Health


One of the first projects implemented by Aston Health back in 1999 when the company was initially established was a marketing research project. 

To date, our Marketing Research Division has accomplished 650+ ad-hoc projects, including complex multi-phase studies.

Just in 2022-2023 our projects covered: 

  • 21827 HCPs 
  • 3631 patients (including orphan disease patients)
  • 2840 pharmacists

Throughout 25 years of Aston Health's presence in market research our team has accumulated sufficient knowledge, experience and skills that help to address our clients’ multiple needs and offer a wide range of services, including:  

  • Analysis of competitive environment
  • Price Studies
  • Rep Check/ MSL Check/ Message Recall
  • KPI tracking
  • Defining  patient pathway
  • Identifying target audiences and consumer preferences
  • Testing ad campaign concept
  • Developing/adjusting promotion strategy
  • Audit of pharmacy chains
  • UX Studies
  • and many more

You can learn more about our experience in marketing research and ask specific questions on our website. 

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Anastasija Zhigalkina

Anastasija Zhigalkina

Lead Marketing Communications Manager